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Consistent Photos
Every Patient,
Every Time

RxPhoto securely captures, manages and shares patient photos and videos

  • medical photo app RxPhotos is 100% secure
  • medical photography app RxPhotos has digital form
    Digital Forms
  • medical photo app RxPhotos integrates with EHR
    with EHR
  • medical photo app RxPhotos with before and after photo gallery
    Before and After
    Photo Gallery

RxPhoto’s patented photo ghosting feature uses the previous photo as a guide for taking new ones

  • Transform your iPhone/iPad into a HIPAA compliant clinical photography system that streamlines the process of taking high-quality and consistent patient photos in a repeatable process
  • Images are automatically catalogued by patient name, date, diagnosis, treatment, and body region and uploaded to the RxPhoto HIPAA compliant cloud for effortless retrieval
iPhone app with patented photo ghosting feature for clinic patientsghostipad menu

patient photo management software interface

Manage photos from any device

Effortlessly retrieve photos by patient name, encounter date, anatomical region, and tags

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant

RxPhoto saves time by automatically cataloging and uploading all photos to the RxPhoto HIPAA compliant cloud

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Showcasing tools

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Drawing and annotation tools

compare 2 photos side by side by medical software RxPhoto

Compare 2 photos side by side

medical practice management software for practice-branded reports

Practice-branded reports

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Who Needs RxPhoto?

RxPhoto is a critical tool for any medical practice in these fields:

    Plastic surgery
    Hair Restoration
    Cosmetic Surgery
    Medical Spa
    Laser Tattoo Removal

RxPhoto streamlines the process of capturing, managing and sharing clinical images with your smartphone or tablet providing instant HIPAA compliance.



Transform your mobile device into a powerful clinical photography studio allowing you to:

  • capture high-quality standardized photos with on-screen templates
  • ensure consistency with RxPhoto’s patented photoghosting tool
  • effortlessly retrieve photos by patient name, encounter date, anatomical region, and tags

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before and after plastic surgery software with market and illustrate services


Improve expectation management by creating:

  • a repeatable consultation experience with on-screen injection tracking, drawing and annotation tools and more
  • a customizable practice-branded report with patients’ before and after photos
  • a seamless integration with your website's before and after gallery

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Photos are stored on RxPhoto’s HIPAA cloud allowing your practice to:

  • take clinical photos on your mobile device without violating HIPAA regulations
  • share photos with patients and physicians via a HIPAA compliant gateway
  • access photos from desktop computers, tablets and smartphones

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medical photo management app HIIPA Compliance

Pricing Details


    Full access for all staff.


    Photo guides, photo ghosting, drawing and annotation tools, injection tracking, custom tags, digital consent forms and generated reports.


    Unlimited photo storage in HIPAA-compliant cloud.


    Easily download your photos.


    No contracts. Cancel anytime.

"Being able to easily show before and after photos
has helped me dramatically improve my consultation conversion rate"

Dr. Travis Shaw M.D.

Dr. Travis Shaw Testimonial

"This application has changed the way we practice medicine and has really differentiated us from a lot of other practices"

Dr. Ariel Soffer Soffer Health Institute

Dr. Ariel Soffer Testimonial

"I was apprehensive about using a new technology in our practice,
but within a day I was up and running
and now I don’t know how I survived without it"

Dr. Kami Owen FNP-BC

Dr. Kami Owen Testimonial

"RxPhoto has taken the aggravation out of keeping track of my photos"

Dr. Richard Vazquez Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Dr. Richard Vazquez Testimonial

"Clinical photography was very time consuming and tedious until we began using RxPhoto"

Dr. Manu B. Aggarwal General Surgery & Phlebology

Dr. Manu B. Aggarwal Testimonial
  • Dr. Travis Shaw
    Dr. Travis Shaw
  • Dr. Ariel Soffer
    Dr. Ariel Soffer
  • Dr. Kami Owen
    Dr. Kami Owen
  • Dr. Richard Vazquez
    Dr. Richard Vazquez
  • Dr. Manu B. Aggarwal
    Dr. Manu B. Aggarwal

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